How do you feel about money?

How do you feel about money?

How you feel and how you think about managing this aspect of the business has a direct impact on how well you do it.  Many new managers feel uncomfortable about this part of their new role.  It’s unfamiliar and not what you were trained to do.  You are now in charge of a lot of money and resources.  It can be scary but it doesn’t need to be.  It’s just another new skill to learn.

Why is this important to you?  Take a stewardship mindset – this is about the greater good – not just about appeasing the ‘money grabbing bosses’!


Reflect on the following questions

  • What are your beliefs or stories about money and financial management?
  • Not as important as giving clinical care?
  • Not really my job?
  • Don’t get enough to do my job so I don’t really care?
  • Afraid that I can’t do it?
  • Is there anything there that is blocking your path to effective financial management?  If there is anything in your mindset that will work against you, find a way to reframe it so that it is more acceptable to you and aligned with your own values.