1.2 A story of transition


1.2 A story of transition

We learn so much from others.  Much of what we cover in the Journey is based on the real experience of people who have progressed along this Journey and have learned both from the school of hard knocks, from mistakes and from successes.

You have heard my story in past videos, from being a newly minted registered nurse to becoming the CEO of the Australian Academy of Clinical Leadership.

Over the coming months, you will hear from others who have been on this journey for many years, and some who have only really just started.

Here is Janet’s story about her transition:


As you listen to this recording:

  1. Think about where Janet is along her journey.
  2. Pick out the challenges she came across, and the strategies she used to make progress.
  3. What was the one pearl she shared that is a real revelation to you – and a surprise?
  4. How is her story similar or different to your own?
  5. I’d love to hear you story.  Feel free to share it in the comments below.
  6. Tell me, what is the most important lesson you have learned so far on your journey?


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