2.1 Your journey starts here


2.1 Your journey starts here

Nursing and midwifery management is actually a huge topic and one you cannot hope to completely understand in just one day, or even in just one program.  It’s like your clinical specialty in that the evidence keeps growing and shifting.  Given that this is your new specialty, you need to demonstrate that you are putting the hours in each year to tick that registration form.  Make no mistake the time you spend with me on this journey will all count toward your CPD hours that you have to accrue each year to retain your registration.

But to make it meaningful, and not just a tick box exercise, I want you to get really clear on why you are doing this.


So, before we really get started, take a few minutes right now to articulate your mission (or your purpose) and vision by answering the following questions:

  1. Your vision – think about what the end of this journey would look like if you did spend the time on continuously developing your management and leadership ability.  What would you feel like? How would your team behave and perform?  What would you be able to achieve?
  2. Your Purpose – What is going to make this journey worthwhile to you? Why are you doing this? What is your intention – what difference do you want to make as a manager? This is your why or purpose.
  3. Share your reflections with us in the comments below.


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