2.4 Beginning – Getting competent


2.4 Beginning – Getting competent

Having made the decision, taken that promotion (either willingly or not!) you are now focused on getting clear on what is expected of you and developing the core skills needed to do the job.  At this stage you might wonder what you are missing and are likely feel a level of self-doubt.  In this video I explore what it means to be at the “Beginning Stage” of the Journey.

Here’s 2 things you can do to get clear on the role:

1. Unpack the essentials of the role and identify which elements you need to develop.  Don’t worry we cover this in lesson 3 of this module.  In that module we unpack the essentials of the nurse manager role and you are given a tool to help you get clear on the role and to develop your own plan for becoming competent in the role.


2. Understand what your default leadership style is and how that helps or hinders you as a manager.  We go into depth on leadership style, give you a way of assessing what your style is and how to design your best management style in lesson 4 of this module.


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