3.4 The system


3.4 The system

Now lets look at the system. The system comprises the structures, processes and rules of behaviour that dictate how people do their work and interact with each when the manager is not there. We want to know how your system works now and whether it encourages constructive approaches to difference and conflict or not.

Does it encourage open and honest communications – or does it inhibit this in some way?

By overlaying the ‘conscious communication process’ on your organisation you can assess whether it is likely to foster constructive approaches to conflict or not.

  • Is it safe for people to speak up?
  • What is done to create conditions of safety?
  • Is there a clear, fair and easily accessible process that can guide people who have conflicts? Is it used?

In this lesson we are going to unpack the difference elements of the system and how it deals with conflict or creates collaboration.

We’ll cover:

  1. What culture actually is
  2. Designing your culture
  3. Pulling the levers that transform culture





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