4.4 Six quick tips for successful transitions


4.4 Six quick tips for successful transitions

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In this video, I will share 6 quick tips to get you start on the right path right now.

1. Create your Plan – Reveal where you are on your success path and what you need to do.  You did this in Lesson 1.1.2 – you did do that didn’t you??  If you didn’t do it in Lesson 1.1.2 then down load the self-assessment now and complete it.)

2. Believe in your right to lead! Find your power as a leader and step into it.

3. Adopt an empowering mindset  – Believe in your people’s need to excel and empower them to do so.

4. Get a mentor.

5. Join a community of managers and leaders that supports you.

I sure hope you said you already joined a community – that’s us!!!  But if you want to see us in the flesh so to speak, then make sure you join us in one of our regular Nurse & Midwife Manager Network events.

6. Back yourself and actively seek out opportunities to develop the skills you lack – continuously!  Do not wait for some else to do this for you!

Because you are here, with us today, I know you are the type of person who does back yourself and takes responsibility for your own growth and your own leadership journey.


  • Which one of these have you already done – and which do you need help with?
  • What else would you suggest we try?



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