8.2 Self-empowered


8.2 Self-empowered

Have you ever met a manager who is completely self-assured and charismatic; who just seems to own their position, like they were born to lead?  Chances are that they are highly self-empowered.  This topic dives a little deeper into self-empowerment and you get the chance to measure how self-empowered you feel right now.


To find out how self-empowered you are as a manager, take this short quiz by clicking on the following link:

How self-empowered are you as a leader?

  • Where would you place the most engaging and the least engaging managers on this continuum from empowered, contingent to dis-empowered?
  • What do you plan to do from now on to feel more self-empowered?
  • What can you do to empower others?



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