Calculating your EFT


Calculating your EFT

Calculate your EFT

When the unit’s work covers 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year and requires 3 shifts and a variety of skills levels and roles and specialties, you need to know how to build a roster and ACCURATELY calculate your FTE (or EFT).  This is what will feed into your budget and deserves a special mention here.

For many unit managers this may be a much simpler exercise.


  • Download and review the Roster Toolkit template (2)
  • Fill this out for your unit.
  • Do your beds increase and decrease over a fortnight or a month??  This will determine the timeframe you need to calculate your EFT over.  For example, theatre will be really complicated depending on its cycle. Whereas aged care or community care might change very little from week to week.


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