Becoming an Empowered Leader Program

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5 Lessons

Welcome to “Becoming an Empowered Leader”.

This program represents part of, or maybe even,the start of your journey from clinician to becoming a high impact manager.

This program is for people who are moving up in the ranks or have already made the move and want some clarity around what the job really is, and how to transition from being just a manager, to being a great manager!

During the program you will:

  1. Examine how your perspective needs to shift to make the transition
  2. Consider the broader context that currently defines the work you do
  3. Identify the many elements of the nurse manager’s job and what skills are required for high performance
  4. Look at how management styles impact on team performance – and do some work on your own style so that you have the most constructive impact on your team possible
  5. Develop your own Transition Plan, and identify the challenges and the enablers in achieving this transition effectively and smoothly