Healthcare – Managing in a pressure cooker (Loom over Powerpoint (ready))

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As a manager, it is your role to create a workplace that is safe for your staff.  One of the greatest risks to their health – and to yours – is the stress that comes from working in the pressure cooker environment that is healthcare.

The following course arms you with the evidence you need to navigate and influence the pressures of healthcare.  Managing in this environment means creating a workplace that is more resilient to, and even immune to the pressures on it.  It is about understanding how these pressures affect people in the workplace and providing resources and support to help them maintain perspective and devise practical skills to dealing with issues, over-whelm and stress.

Because the reality is that the pressures are not going away but how we think about them and respond to them is the difference between feeling overwhelmed and stressed, or feeling in calm control.

In this course, you will:

  1. Reflect on the characteristics of the healthcare work environment and its inherent stressors
  2. Consider how complexity in health care impacts on the workplace
  3. Reveal the real cost of poor time management
  4. Be given a practice framework for managing time.