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Time management in an organisation is probably better considered “engaging appropriately with your work, people and processes”.  For a manager, this means putting the power to get things done where it makes the most sense – which is often directly into the hands of staff.

This also means the time between when problems emerge and when decisions and actions are taken to resolve them is radically reduced.  People solve their own problems as they see them instead of waiting for their manager to fix or do everything.  This means making sure that the things that need to be done are being done by the right person, which may not be you at all!  We are talking about delegation and problem solving.

In this course, you will:

  1. Distill what to delegate
  2. Empower and coach your people to become more self-reliant and solve their own problems
  3. Unpack and practice the elements of effective delegation
  4. Learn a process for managing up and negotiating for more resources or time