Leading Change and Continuous Improvement Program

How to lead and manage change and establish a culture that fosters continuous improvement.

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6 Lessons

Managing Change & Continuous Improvement is an action-based program designed to develop the skills and tools needed to manage a discrete change projects, and establish a culture of continuous improvement in your team.

This Program is for people interested in managing discrete change projects or even transforming their organisation, and in the process, creating a culture that fosters continuous improvement.

In this Program you will:

  1. Consider the what, why and how of change management
  2. Understand the nature of change in our world today and our response to it, and why we might resist or not, and how to overcome resistance.
  3. Unpack the core elements of change management.
  4. Engage in practical change management planning focusing on a significant organisational improvement in your team and lead this change over the next few months.
  5. Identify a system, process and culture that will foster continuous collaborative improvement.

While this on-line Program stands on its own, it is also supports a face to face workshop where you can develop your change management plan together with a trained facilitator. If you are interested in joining or hosting a workshop, contact us.