Managing Money Program

In this module you will develop an understanding, skills, strategies and the confidence to manage the money in your team.

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12 Lessons

In this online course, we will provide an overview of the key principles, practices, processes and considerations you need to understand in order to manage the finances at a Unit level. In our workshops, we support you to apply these principles and practices to your Unit.

In this course, you will:

  1. Realise why managing budgets is a cornerstone skill of unit managers
  2. Adopt an empowered, efficient mindset.
  3. Examine the rules of the game and the financial context
  4. Get to know your business intimately
  5. Understand your budget and how to build and manage it, including calculating EFT
  6. Identify strategies and processes to improve the Unit’s financial position

In the following videos, Amanda sets out the core principles and practices you need to know and the questions you need to answer to manage money at the unit level.  She shares specific examples from her experience in the Victorian public health sector as it relates to the role of managing budgets at the unit level.

These broad concepts are transferable to other contexts such as private healthcare, aged care and community care.   After you watch these short videos, go through each lesson and unpack the elements Amanda discusses by responding to the questions and activities using the tools provided in the following lessons.