Managing People Program

In this course you will develop an understanding, skills, strategies and the confidence to manage the people in your team.

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We know that ‘people issues’ take up most of every manager’s day. It is often the most feared of all management responsibilities. For good reason.  It’s complicated, emotional and often quite irrational. But it doesn’t have to be done poorly or painfully.  In this course, you will be given a practical framework and learn skills to manage people. You will:

  1. Consider the real reasons people management is so important
  2. Examine the components and factors influencing employee relations
  3. Understand workforce planning
  4. Identify the keys to recruiting and retaining winners
  5. Unpack staff allocation (rostering and managing leave)
  6. Understand how to effectively manage performance

In the following videos, Amanda Edwards discusses the key elements that make up the complicated world of managing people.

Amanda has a long history in managing small and large teams in the healthcare sector.  The healthcare sector presents some of the most complex people management challenges; the people range from highly autonomous, specialised professionals such as doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, right through to people who perform all the environmental, hospitality functions that these organisations rely on, such as the cleaners, the orderlies and the kitchen staff.   As well as a depth of knowledge and skills, Amanda has a wealth of experiences that she draws on and will share many of these anecdotes with you across this videos.

The concepts, tools and strategies Amanda discusses are equally applicable to other industries.