Managing Relationships, Conflict & Collaboration Program

This is an action-based course designed to develop the skills and tools needed to constructively deal with conflict and build collaborative relationships.

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4 Lessons

In this program, we will focus on conflict and how it can be transformative and contribute to powerful collaboration if we practice conscious communication, and value the unique contributions that we all have to offer.

In this program you will:

  1. Find out why conflict is handled so poorly
  2. Uncover why people experience and deal with conflict so differently
  3. Identify alternative approaches to responding to conflict and their impacts
  4. Explore how you respond to conflict
  5. Discover how you can change the way you experience conflict
  6. Develop constructive methods of dealing with everyday conflicts and difficult conversations confidently and effectively
  7. Examine the system levers that influence how people in organisations deal with conflict and what you need to consider to design constructive conflict and collaboration into your culture