Managing Time and Delegating Program

In this course, you will develop habits and strategies to sort the important from the not important, and the tools to manage your time, and delegate to your team.

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Time, or the lack of it, is one of the greatest sources of stress to us busy people.  There have been mountains of books written on the subject, each taking us a little further along the path to complete enlightenment – or total confusion!

We went from managing time, to managing priorities (Stephen Covey) to managing energy and how we engage with the things we need to get done (David Allen – Getting Things Done – GTD).  And now, we put all of that together, and add in the ‘organisational perspective’, and it becomes managing how you are engaging with your work context – or the ecosystem of work, the people and the process – and whether this is appropriate or not (enter ‘Holacracy’ – a new way of organising teams and organisations to empower individuals to manage themselves – so you don’t have to!).

This program draws from all of these experts and adds in our own experiences of managing in the overwhelming world of healthcare.

In this program, you will:

  1. Be introduced to the Time 2 Manage framework
  2. Find your calm self in the overwhelm
  3. Sort the urgent and important from the stuff
  4. Be given strategies to delegate and manage up
  5. Set up systems and processes to help you manage yours and your team’s time