Structures, processes and tools for managing time (loom over powerpoint)

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Having a clear view of what’s important and what isn’t, what’s urgent and what isn’t is fundamental to managing your time and priorities.   Knowing how to get more done through others is all about effective delegation and negotiation. We covered these topics in previous courses in this series. 

But you need some solid scaffolding to make sure this is embedded into your daily practice as a manager so that it becomes routine and provides clarity even when you are not there.  In this course, you will

  1. Examine the different levels of organisational planning and reporting and be introduced to the concept of agile organisations.
  2. Set up a Project Management system
  3. Set up your process, system and tools for managing your weeks and day to day work
  4. Establish team communication systems to planning, managing and monitoring work
  5. Review some key principles to master time management and productivity