1.1.5 Leveraging – amplifying you (video, edit and upload)


1.1.5 Leveraging – amplifying you (video, edit and upload)

Topic Progress:

At this stage, you understand what the role entails and you are developing the core competencies to perform the role. You are less worried that you might be missing something. At this stage you might describe yourself as consciously competent – you know your job and are now seeking to make it easier, less overwhelming, more predictable and better quality.

The Leveraging Stage is about setting up the structures, processes and systems to amplify you so that you don’t need to be there to make sure things get done, the way you want them done.

The things you should focus on at this stage include:

  1. Establishing your work plan and setting clear priorities at the personal and unit levels. We give you the tricks and tools to multiply your time in the very next module – Multiply You and cover this in greater detail there.
  2. Allocating roles and work so that people take greater ownership and responsibility. This is about delegation which we go through in the next module – Multiply You.  It is also about managing people and performance which we develop in Module 4.
  3. Developing the structures, processes and systems so work is done at the standard expected, can be monitored and improved, continuously – even when you are not there! We do the deep dive on this in Module 5 – Empowering structures.
  4. Review the systems, processes and how work is done and designed to find more efficiencies, automation, better quality.  We look more at automation in the next Module on Multiply You. Managing change is also really relevant here and go into depth on the practicalities of leading change in Module 7.


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