1.1.6 Empowering – Amplify others (Video, edit and upload)


1.1.6 Empowering – Amplify others (Video, edit and upload)

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At the Empowering Stage of your leadership journey you reach a tipping point because you stop worrying about whether you are the right person for the job, or wondering whether you are doing it well or not.  You are clear on your role, you have more confidence in yourself, and now you are keen to unleash the power of your people.  This is where you make a difference that ripples well beyond you.  You have greater influence and power to make a difference in your world.

At this stage, you will focus on:

  1. Really understanding the individuals in your team and making sure they are placed in positions that draw on their strengths. We will examine how you achieve this in Module 4 when we look at managing people and performance.
  2. Creating the conditions that allow your people to do their best work, including designing a high performance, engaging and collaborative culture. The subject of conflict and collaboration are examined in Module 3 on building great relationships.
  3. Culture and your role in designing it starts in this first module on empowered leader and is peppered through the Journey.
  4. Rethinking how work is done and arranged so that people are more engaged and take more personal ownership. You will learn more about this in Module 5 on Empowering Structures.


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