1.1.7 Transforming – Mastery (video, edit and upload)


1.1.7 Transforming – Mastery (video, edit and upload)

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At this stage in your leadership journey you will have reached a level of mastery as a manager and leader.  You have adopted leadership as your specialty and have the experience and expertise that places you among the leadership experts.

If you devote time and effort into developing your leadership, reviewing the current leadership evidence, and apply what you learn to your practice, you will achieve this level surprisingly quickly.  This whole journey is designed to give set you up to become the Master so you can help others.

Here are four things you should do when you reach Mastery:

  1. Distill what difference you make as a leader – what do you bring to the role that is unique to you? This is what sets you apart from everyone else.
  2. Mentor others who are aspiring and beginning managers.
  3. Challenge leadership and management practices that no longer work, and propose new ones.
  4. Share your journey. As part of our Hero’s Journey segment, you will hear from nurses and midwives who have achieved mastery and share their journey over the coming months.  You might even be one of them!

Down load your workbook to keep notes.

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