1.4.1 Most and least engaging managers


1.4.1 Most and least engaging managers

Over the past few years I have asked hundreds of nurses to describe the characteristics of the managers they felt were the most engaging and those that completely disengaged them.  There were common themes consistently identified and I have captured these in the following matrix:

Engaging-disengaging managers


  • Download the matrix that sets out the key dimensions, and how engaging managers operate with respect to each dimension compared to disengaging managers.
  • Think back over the managers you have worked for.  Remember those who go the very best out of you – when you felt really engaged in your work.  What were they like? how did they behave?  Can you see their characteristics on the left side of this matrix?
  • Now do the same for the managers who completely disengaged you.
  • Are there other dimensions or behaviors you would add – pop these in the comment below.
  • Now be really honest with yourself – which sides of the table do you fall on and under what circumstances? What might cause you to do that – what are the triggers?
  • What do you need to do to manage these triggers?  Share your ideas with us here in the comments section.



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