1.4.2 The engagement-empowerment link


1.4.2 The engagement-empowerment link

There is a direct link between the levels of engagement of staff and how empowering their manager is.  The more controlling a manager is, the less empowering they are, and the less engagement they inspire. 

How engaged your people are is a direct result of how empowering you are!

How engaged your people are has a direct impact on their performance, your team’s performance and of course your performance!!!!

If your people are fully engaged, work gets done in the way you want it to – with less stress – and things don’t go wrong – and if they do, your staff – using their initiative – pick these problems up and fixed them immediately!!!




  • Consider the managers you have worked with.  Where were they on this curve?
  • Now be completely honest, where are you?


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