1.5.3 The essential roles (video, edit and upload)


1.5.3 The essential roles (video, edit and upload)

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The unit manager’s role is multi-dimensional focusing on:  self, clinical, administrative, people, and the internal and external environments (refer to the following figure).  In this video I will unpack the roles.


The self-efficacy assessment tool is based on a review of a bunch of position descriptions relating to the unit manager role.  While I do not expect that your role includes all of these, the tool is intended to provide you with a fairly comprehensive list to consider whether or not you should indeed be performing these, and if so, how well you believe you perform them right now.  There is also a a Management and Leadership Personal Development Plan for you to complete to give you clear direction as to where you should be focusing your self-improvement efforts over the coming months.


  1. Download the self-efficacy assessment tool, review your level of of competence and confidence in each domain.
  2. Prepare your own personal development plan.



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