1.7.1 Thinking makes it so (video, edit, upload)


1.7.1 Thinking makes it so (video, edit, upload)

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Our style is largely a function of how we think.  There is a pattern to the way we think which is developed over years, through influence from our parents, our friends, our experiences, the culture we live and work in; what was rewarded and what wasn’t.

In this topic we cover the 2 important equations that will help you make sense of the results you achieve – and the responses you get – and the one thing that is in your control to change both results and how people respond to you as a manager (and in life!).

Keep these 2 equations in mind:

S + T = R

Where ‘S’ is the situation or stimulus; T is how you think about it; and R is how you respond and the result you get.  Another way of looking at the relationship between how we think, our behaviour and the outcomes we get is captured in the following simple equation:


Where ‘T’ = thinking pattern; ‘B’ = behavior (or style); and ‘O’ = outcome.



  • Think back to the exercise on the most engaging and least engaging manager you have ever worked for.  Apart from either engaging you or disengaging you, what other outcomes did they achieve as a result of their behaviours? Share these in the comments below – if nothing else, it is cathartic!


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