1.7.2 Dimensions of Leadership Style (video, edit and upload)


1.7.2 Dimensions of Leadership Style (video, edit and upload)

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Our leadership style and whether it is empowering or dis-empowering is largely influenced by an interplay of:

1. how self-empowered we feel,

2. the assumptions we hold about staff (or our paradigm), and

3. our orientation to work whether it is task or people focused – or a balance of both.

This relationship is illustrated in the following diagram:

In the following topics I will explain each dimension and give you a chance to measure yourself on each.

The 3 dimensions that influence leadership style

Keep in mind, highly empowered people are not perfect by any stretch, and they know it.  That might be one of their defining characteristics.  They seem to always be looking to improve either themselves or something else.  They view feedback on their performance as opportunities to improve and grow and not as attacks that they need to defend.

So, as you undertake the following self-assessments, notice how you are feeling.  Are you feeling bad or good?  Can you just accept it as neither good or bad; just interesting information that may help you improve?


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