1.7.4 Paradigm (video, edit, upload)


1.7.4 Paradigm (video, edit, upload)

Topic Progress:

Paradigm refers to the beliefs and assumptions you make about what motivates the people in your team. There were 2 different types of manager as distinguished by the assumptions that made about their staff – and of course how they then managed them. In this topic I explain the difference between the two – and you get a chance to see which one you might be leaning toward by taking the following self-assessment.


Download and do the self-assessment to reveal your paradigm.

  • Think about what the assumptions you currently hold about the people you work with and complete the following self-assessment.


Managers who have a Theory X leaning achieve lower scores.  Those who tend to hold with the Theory Y view of motivation has higher scores.

  • How does your paradigm affect how you are managing those around you?
  • How are they responding to this?
  • If you want a different result, how might you shift your assumptions?
  • What was the paradigm of the managers who were the most and the least engaging?


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