1 Clarify roles and responsibilities


1 Clarify roles and responsibilities

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1 Clarify roles and responsibilities

The five key parts of performance management are:

  1. Clarifying roles and setting the standard.
  2. Appraisal, feedback and accountability
  3. Managing your state
  4. Determining the reasons for under performance
  5. Follow through and natural consequences

Starting with role clarity – or the lack of it is one of the key causes of conflict in the workplace.  You expect one thing but the staff member thinks they should be doing something else.

Ensuring people understand their position description is pretty important.  It can be useful to discuss the PD and talk about what each criteria might look like in action.  Doing this during the on boarding period can really set the standard and expectation from the beginning.

Because you can’t imagine all the possible scenarios, and these would never fit into a PD anyway, then you do have to constantly clarify work expectations – on a daily basis with your staff.

Whenever there is a performance issue, I always start be asking myself:

“Have I  clearly articulated what is expected in their language?  Do they know that I expected this?”

Be clear about what is expected in terms of behaviour – “the how you do the what!!”  And make sure you model it consistently.  Don’t expect people to manage their emotions if you are frequently losing yours!


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