1 Employee relations express


1 Employee relations express

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1 Employee relations express

In this section we look employee relations, workplace relations strategy, how this is implemented and examine how disputes and grievances are managed at an industrial level.

We are not dealing in depth with culture although having good structures in place will positively impact on culture.

We are not dealing with the ins and outs of bullying and harassment although good structures and processes in this area will also help prevent a culture that supports bullying and harassment.

What do you think of when you think of employee/workplace relations?

This is a space where many managers feel out of their depth.  Enterprise bargaining agreements, union interventions, fair work commission hearings – this is what most people think about when they think of employee relations. But it is much more than that and can be much more positive than that?


Share in the Forum: what do you worry about or fear in this space?

What does it look like in practice and what’s your role as a Manager/Leader?


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