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1 Engage and collaborate

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1 Engage and collaborate

To get people on board you must take an engaging and collaborative approach from the very start.

So it is important to think about who is involved or likely to be affected by the issue or the change as early as possible.

Now you could do a quick a dirty at this stage – especially if it is a relatively small change or issue.  The A3 does not tend to focus much on stakeholders – but we will.

But when you are focusing on a large scale change, you would want to put a bit of time into this – it will actually save you time in the end.  Nothing slows a change project down more than resistant stakeholders who feel that they have been inadequately consulted.


In the first place, you might want to list all of the stakeholders (people who have an interest or are affected by your proposed change) in the stakeholder map template which you can download here.

There are two additional stakeholder analysis and engagement templates that you can download.  For large change projects, you really need to complete these so that you have a clear stakeholder communication and engagement strategy.

If you are proposing a significant change, then complete the downloadable Stakeholder analysis.

Change Management Templates
Stakeholder analysis template
Stakeholder map


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