1 Start with the end in mind


1 Start with the end in mind

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1 Start with the end in mind

The most potent strategy for leading people is to give them something bigger and better to go to – a better reason to say ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’.

Involve people and give them a greater purpose.  One of the greatest motivators for people engaging in skilled work is ‘purpose’ – contributing to work that was meaning and had purpose.  The other key motivators are ‘autonomy’ – the opportunity to have a say over the work they do and the direction they take, and ‘mastery’ – the opportunity to be challenged and to grow.

For more information on what motivates us, check out the following video:

An improvement project is a perfect opportunity to tap into their need for purpose, autonomy and mastery – and to demonstrate your trust and value of your people.  Treat people as if they have the greater good at heart and they do want to make a difference – and they will.

Ensuring there is great purpose alignment between the individuals, team and the organisation – will generate high motivation and performance.  As the leader of this change, you need to have the ability to express this purpose and vision it in a way that inspires others.


Download the attached sheet and tease out a vision for how the future would look if this issue was completely resolved.  Now – write (or draw) a short, inspiring vision on your A3 ‘Target Condition’.

This is a bit of an iterative part of the process – because as you unpack the issue you will start adding details to the vision. But it should be possible to think about how it could be if you didn’t have the issue or if the change worked. It helps you to clarify if it is even worth proceeding – does making a change lead to a better future?

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