1 Workflow processing and organising


1 Workflow processing and organising

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Workflow processing and organising

Arguably the most popular contemporary approach to organising your work is set out by David Allen in his “Getting Things Done” methodology.

This methodology is grounded in the reality that there is only so much time and it is completely up to us how we choose to spend it – we get to choose – and take full responsibility for the choices we have made.  It is, in short, empowering!

And every time I start spinning out of control in the maelstrom of ‘busy-ness’ and everyone else’s expectations (which does happen on regular occasions), I go back to his methodology and clear the decks.  It is only with the clarity that the GTD methodology provides that I can see what I need to focus on – because make no mistake, it is not possible to focus on everything at once – regardless of your gender!!!  If you try, you end up doing a crappy job of everything and nothing gets completely finished.

So download his workflow processing and organising diagram and let’s go through it.  By the way, I have added my thinking to this so that it better matches your working context.

In our next section we’ll go through his 5 steps method that turns the chaos in your heads to clarity and control!

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