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1 Your operating context

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1 Your operating context

The health and aged care sector is facing unprecedented challenges in meeting growing demands from the community and government for their services. The principle drivers of these challenges are a contracting health workforce, rising costs, increasing consumer expectations and government pressure for more accountability and productivity. The fact is that these pressures are not going away — they are compounding and feeding into an increasingly chaotic environment.

It is possible to navigate through this chaos but it requires leadership, innovation, adaptability and input at every level of the health service. People who are able to convince others of the need to change and then lead them through this change are key to positioning their team and their organisation to thrive in this tumultuous environment.

The world is changing so fast, our access to information about it is overwhelming (“just google that!”).  Our ability to make sense of the information that is bombarding us and to respond appropriately will set us apart as leaders.  The problems facing organisations and society are novel and most do not lend themselves to traditional or tried solutions.


What are the big issues facing your sector right now? What challenges is your organisation grappling with right now? How about your unit?  Share these in the Forum.




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