2.2.2 Be the calm centre


2.2.2 Be the calm centre

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How do you step out of this when there is so much pressure to stay in the drama?  The culture in which you work can make it seem that if you are not overtly stressing out, you are not really taking this seriously enough.

The culture can be so task focused, that everyone is busy looking busy, and not necessarily focused on the things that make a real difference to their work or produce real outcomes. The manager who behaves like this tends to create and expectation that everyone has to behave like this – they also add to the stress which further undermines the capacity of their staff to think clearly about the work they are doing, further reducing the work that is done!

As the manager you can do something about this.  You get to design the culture – or how people think they must behave.

The thing is, the leaders who seem to hold their calm even in the face of great adversity are the ones we want to follow, right?


  • Who do you know who stays calm even the face of pressure and stress?
  • How do they make you feel?
  • What can you do to be more like that?
  • What might get in the way?


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