2.3.1 What’s the point?

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2.3.1 What’s the point?

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We could quite conceivably continue working all of our lives without ever thinking about why we do what we do – and what difference we made.  And if this is the case then at one point we will look back and wonder what difference we made. In this video I talk about what drives nurses and midwives, and people in general.


Take some time now to answer the following questions for yourself to get clear on your ‘why’ (tip – you did some of this work in the first module – review it and see if it has changed)

  • What difference do you want to make – why are you even in nursing and in this role in particular?  Please share your reflection with us in the comments below.
  • Download the worksheet and take some time to think about the difference you want to make in this life.
  • Create a vision for yourself  – what would if be like if everything went according to plan – how would you know you had achieved your vision?
  • Check out your diary and ask yourself, am I living a purposeful or pointless life? Whose life am I living?
  • How can you engage your team in tapping into their purpose?  Share your ideas in the comments below.


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