2.5.4 The one thing


2.5.4 The one thing

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Another way of sorting out what you need to focus on is to ask yourself:

Of all the things in my quadrant I and II – what is the one thing that if I did it, or even started would make life and work better, easier – or even remove the need to do something else?

This is the thing that if you did it would reduce work.  It might be automating something that you currently spend time doing manually. Or creating a system where the work is done – but not by you!  For example, rather than you doing the roster, establish the roster rules and have everyone else do their roster!

Another way of thinking about this ‘one thing’ is in terms of your most important goals, where you ask yourself:

What would get me closer to my important goals?

Another way of putting it is: “what is mission critical?”

A colleague of mine always say fight for 3.  He means identify the 3 mission critical things you must achieve today and don’t let anything get in your way. What are your mission critical things – how do you know – they are what you identified as important earlier. If it is quick and easy (ie. less than 2 minutes to do), just do it.

Of they require more than one action then they become projects and will probably need a project plan.


  • Identify the 3 mission critical things that you need to do this month, this week, today…
  • Of these, what are just one action or a collection or actions?
  • Complete the worksheet.
  • Create a project plan for the projects that are made up of more than one action.


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