2.5.5 Just do it!


2.5.5 Just do it!

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So just do it!

But keep these 2 golden rules in mind as you do:

1. Focus

As I said earlier, we often operate under the misapprehension that we can do everything at once.  We can’t – well not well anyway.  I have been trying for all my life and half a century later I give up and accept that I can only focus on one thing at a time.  I can have many projects spinning at one time (and I do of course – like you would too).  But I have to be completely focused and present on the one project in front of me or I do not do it well. So here are a few tips for you to try – and please add your own in the comments:

  • Be absolutely brutal about no distractions – the evidence is that multi-tasking is not an effective way of getting work done. The open door policy is fine until it stops you from doing your job!  Block out in your diary closed door time and explain to your team that when you door is shut that you are working on something that cannot be disrupted unless there is a real emergency – and agree on what a real emergency means!
  • Can you work from home? Build a case to do that.
  • Find a quite space away from distractions.
  • Turn off all email and phone alerts while you are doing focused work.
  • Do emails – not as they come in – but 2 times a day – and sort them into:
    • Do immediate if they can be done within 2 minutes or are urgent and important!
    • Delete
    • Next steps (add as a task in your diary somewhere if you can’t action them immediately)
    • To read
    • Waiting for others
    • Follow-up
    • To ‘others’
    • File

2. Do it in less time!

According to Parkinson’s Law we will allow work to expand in complexity and volume to fill the time we have.  The more time we give something, the more time and more complex it will become.  So create slots in your diary that are less than what you might think you need and be absolutely driven to complete the work in that time.  Be productive not perfect!


  • Dedicate some time slots in your diary to focus on the most important, mission critical work without disruption.
  • Focus for the time you have given it and at the end reflect on what you could have done to do more in that time!!!
  • Decide on the 2 best times of day to review your emails for 30 minutes. 10am and 4pm works for me because I don’t get distracted by other people’s urgent before I get the real work done!


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