2 Appraisal, constant feedback and accountability


2 Appraisal, constant feedback and accountability

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2 Appraisal, constant feedback and accountability

Most of us are part of organisations that have formal appraisal processes and this can be a very useful discussion with staff to at least spend some time getting feedback from them about how they are tracking and where they are aiming to go.

However a once a year discussion does not good performance make!  People need to know how they are tracking and it’s easier to address little things along the way rather than waiting until someone has drifted completed off track.  Create a culture where this is ok and you’re unit will run like clockwork.  I like to think of it as gently ‘bumping’ at the edges to keep everything running in the direction you want.

Pilots are almost never flying on track (and neither are our teams!)   Pilots make small corrections frequently to ensure that they end up at the desired destination.

Remind them of the parameters…through meetings, discussions and newsletters.

It does not always have to come from you – get others to provide helpful feedback – creating a learning culture.

When giving feedback avoid the [email protected] sandwich.  This is where you give some good feedback, then some issues feedback and then finish on a positive.  The issue with this is that the recipient is confused.  They either don’t hear the good feedback or they don’t take the issues feedback seriously.  It never works well!


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