2 Generate solutions


2 Generate solutions

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2 Generate solutions

Using a synergistic problem solving approach, generate as many ideas to achieve each target objective as possible – without screening or evaluating them in anyway.  For each target objective push yourselves to come up with at least 20 ideas.  The first few will be really obvious, easy ideas.  And then you will start really plumbing the depths of your creativity and start coming up with truly novel and innovative ideas.

But where will you get the ideas from?

This is where your prior preparation is really important.  To come up with new and progressive ideas to solve problems, and not get stuck in a parochial mindset, you will need constantly engage with external sources of information and encourage your staff to do the same.

Here are some ideas:

  • Start a journal club (check out the downloadable PDF article on starting a successful journal club).
  • Visit other service providers know do be exemplars
  • Attend and present at industry conferences
  • Read professional and industry peer reviewed journals
  • Access credible evidence generating organisations such as:


In the comments, share how your team currently gets info about new practices and processes, and what else you intend to instigate to foster new thinking and new ideas.

Now – thinking about your project….

What does the evidence suggest you do in regards to your problem/issue?

How are other units/organisations dealing with the issues you are dealing with?

Undertake a brain storming exercise using mind-mapping and a bunch of post-it notes.

Write the target objective in the middle of a butchers paper, and have your team write ideas for achieving it as possible – one idea per post-it note.  Collect up the notes and arrange them around the central objective in themes that makes sense.  Some might be related to each as a sequence of steps; others might be completely separate ideas.

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