2 What if knowing is not enough?


2 What if knowing is not enough?

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2 What if knowing is not enough?

Sugata Mitra, is an educational scientist who has been working on the problem of how kids learn where there are no teaches or schools – he posed the question “what if knowing was not longer enough?”


We don’t need managers who have been jam packed full of more management theory – which, ironically, might make them resistant to other ideas!!

What if the most important skill a manager could have is the capacity to find out – and apply this in novel and innovative ways to existing problems? And if this is the case, this is also true of all members of teams and organisations – their greatest asset now becomes their ability to access good information, make sense of it, and test its applicable in practice, continually adjusting and innovating along the way.


How does Sugata Mitra’s TED Talk apply to your context?

What are the key skills and strategies you need to employ as a manager in this new world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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