3 Conscious communication process


3 Conscious communication process

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3 Conscious communication process

Difficult conversations and conflicts are best approached using a dependable process designed to uncover all the issues, agree on outcomes and ways to move forward. In the following video, Elise takes you through a conscious communication process.

Constructive approaches to conflict or difficult conversations requires conscious communication, which really involves 2 core elements:

1. Making it safe – Deliberately and consciously establishing and maintaining the conditions will help people feel safe to share their views openly and feel OK to hear yours. This is about establishing mutual respect and purpose. Three steps are key: self awareness, empathy (or other awareness) and being non-judgmental.

2. Following a clear process as depict in this diagram.


Let’s unpack each.


Download the PDF “Conditions of safety” and record your reflections as we work though this.  feel free to also share your thoughts in the comments.

Conditions of Safety


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