3 Evaluate solutions


3 Evaluate solutions

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3 Evaluate solutions

Now it’s time to decide which ideas to implement.  If you have a whole bunch of alternative ideas that can’t all be implemented, then you will need a way of deciding which to implement – at least first.

You need to create a set of criteria for evaluating the options. Criteria generally used to assess the value of an idea are:


Download the ‘Solution Evaluator’ and insert your alternative ideas and evaluate each.

Make sure you force yourself to think or at least 2 positives and negatives for each alternative.  No alternative is completely perfect and this discipline makes sure that you don’t let attachments to your own ideas undermine your search for the best alternative.  This will also reveal the risks associated with the idea that, if implemented, you will need to keep an eye on – or manage.

Consider the options from other’s points of view.

If alternatives are hard to choose, then commit to implementing one with a view of implementing the other after a pilot period, so you can test all options.

Write on the A3 the counter measures that made it through your evaluation.


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