3 Implementing the employee relations strategy


3 Implementing the employee relations strategy

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3. Implementing the Employee Relations Strategy

Managers are implementing and negotiating employee relations strategy every day whether they are conscious of it or not.  These are the rules that govern  people management.  Contravening them can land you and your organisation in hot water and cause stress and difficulty for you in your role.  Working within these boundaries and knowing enough about them to keep you within the process can help you create a harmonious workplace and make managing people easier and less stressful.

Knowing the rules of the game creates winners all round.

Many managers don’t take the time to know the rules which leaves them vulnerable.  How many times have your staff come and told you that the “Union said I don’t have to…” or ” you have to…”

How will you respond?  Knowledge is strength.

Contingency planning – knowing your people and their likely hot buttons is the best way to either avoid them, or at least know what to do it you push them!  This is contingency planning.


  • What makes up the components of your employee relations strategy?
  • What’s the flavour?
  • Is it fair and equitable, empowering or disempowering?
  • What are your roles and responsibilities in designing or implementing an employer relations strategy?
  • What Acts and awards relate to your staff? Download these and read them. It might be dry but it’s worth the effort! (The Victorian Nurses and Midwives EBA is attached for your information).
  • What are the risks to employee relations and what can you put in place to eithr avoid these or manage them if they come up?  Prepare a contingency plan around these risks using the template.

Download: Vic EBA Attachment A copy of agreement Oct 16


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