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3 Manage your state

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3 Manage your state

Here’s the bad news.  The way you are and behave will impact your entire team.  If you’re inconsistent, erratic and emotional that’s how your team will be.  If you’re laid back and half finish things, that’s how your team will be.  BUT if you’re calm, effective and fair that’s also how your team will be.

The most common thing I hear from managers is frustration about the things that people didn’t do when they think that the staff SHOULD have done.  Ultimately though you can waste a lot of energy on this and being frustrated doesn’t make you feel good or change the way someone else behaves.

If you really want people to hear your message and actually change their behavior then don’t make people wrong for stuff.  Don’t be judgmental.  But be very clear about where they are not aligning with role expectations, behaviors or code of conduct.

Don’t dance around the issue either to try and soften the blow. This results in confusion and you need to ask who are you protecting when you do that – is it your discomfort you are trying to avoid?

Kind, clear and firm is the most effective method of delivering difficult information.  This is a transferable skill from your clinical practice.  We frequently have to have difficult conversations, deliver difficult news or work with difficult patients and mostly as a profession we do this well.  So use these skills with your staff.


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