3 The anatomy of conflict


3 The anatomy of conflict

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3 The anatomy of conflict

Another way of thinking about conflict is this…

In any work conflict these three elements often collide – you, them and the system!  This occurs when there is no alignment – or no interest in finding alignment between them.

On the other hand – conflict, crisis or just plain difference of opinion can bring these three elements together in a way that moves each of them to a new, higher level of performance.  But this generally occurs when they are already aligned, working together constructively – they synergise – creating a third alternative – a win win win – rather than a win lose outcome.

The four key conditions needed for you to create constructive alignment and deal constructively with conflicts and difficult conversations – are:

1. Mindset – A constructive way of thinking about conflict

2. Conscious communication – a predictable process to engage with people that present alternative views

3. Organisational structures and processes, policies and procedures that support constructive conflict resolution

4. Culture that fosters collaboration, diversity, innovation and learning


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