4 Dispute resolution and grievance management


4 Dispute resolution and grievance management

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4 Dispute resolution and grievance management

Common areas that result in workplace dispute are:

  • not meeting your workplace rights and obligations
  • not having, or ignoring, policies and procedures that guide employee relations
  • Inconsistent or unfair treatment of employees by the employer or by other employees
  • perception of preferential or exclusive treatment
  • not following the dispute procedure in an agreement or award
  • not having a dispute procedure
  • cultural differences
  • changing unwritten workplace practices without consultation and discussion

Every organisation must have appropriate processes in place to manage disputes and grievances and this should be implemented in a fair and equitable manner.

Done well, these processes smooth the way for harmony in the workplace, or at the very least clarity around expected behaviours and performance by those in dispute and a method to find an agreed resolution.

Done poorly these processes can result in poor morale, resentment and a sense of hypocrisy that can erode culture.

Good workplace relations are invisible and sit in the background supporting the organisation’s operations.


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