4 Plan action


4 Plan action

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4 Plan action

Now its time to implement your ideas. It helps to consider every strategy an experiment that may or may not work – rather than something that you have to get absolutely perfect.  Be prepared to change track if it looks like your idea is not going to work.  Don’t get so attached to a course of action that you cannot adapt as you get more information.


Focusing on a couple of the options that emerged from your evaluation – start teasing out the steps that need to be taken to implement them.  You can either do this on your A3 or use the more comprehensive downloadable change action plan (2nd tab in excel spread sheet templates).

If you have a large change project, then using the downloadable template is likely to keep you on track better and allow you to tease out the resource implications.

Don’t forget to identify the resources you need and how these weigh against the benefits you hope to achieve?

Change Management Template


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