4 So what is conflict, really?


4 So what is conflict, really?

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4 So what is conflict, really?

At the most basic level, conflict is a difference of opinion or view about reality.  At work, it most often occurs when there is a misalignment of expectations about how people should behave and perform, and depending on whose expectations we are talking about, this can result in negative performance feedback, or give rise to a performance management issue.

There could be a misalignment in understanding in regards to what the problem is and how it should be solved.

Or – What decisions need to be made, by whom and how.

But in the end, it usually comes down to attachments: our attachment to being right.  And the stronger the attachment, the higher the stakes, the more difficult the conversation or conflict.


  • Using the downloadable as a guide, reflect on how you think about conflict.
  • Remember when you noticed it was handled poorly and when it was handled well.  Share your reflections here in the Discussion Forum.
  • Download the next sheet – Describe a conflict situation that you were involved in.  Use the downloadable sheet to guide your reflection.  We will come back to this a little later so hang on to it.  (PS – you don’t need to share this).

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