5 Communication and engagement strategy


5 Communication and engagement strategy

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5 Communication and engagement strategy

What about your communication and engagement strategies – these will be actions on your change management plan.

Going back to the reasons people resist change – it is worth having a closer look at this again because the strategies and actions you came up with may now effect other people – who could influence whether you can implement them or not.

So, stakeholder communication and engagement occurs throughout the change process. Now for a relatively small issue or problem – you probably sorted this at the start, but if you are dealing with a big change – like a change to the model of care, then you want to spend a bit more time on this.

The extent to which stakeholders are engaged or informed, depends on the impact the change or strategy will have on them, and their relative capacity to influence its successful adoption (review your stakeholder map).


Check out the following video:

According to this video you need at least four different strategies to influence changes in behaviour – so if one thing does not work try adding other things.

What strategies do you need to use to influence the people to get on board your change project?

Revisit your stakeholder analysis.  Thinking about the stakeholders (adding any that have emerged as a result of the ideas and actions you have identified), identify a few communication and engagement strategies that will get these people on board.

How are you going to feedback and engage people with what you have learned and actions you plan to take?

What are the existing mechanisms, forums or processes that you can tap into?

Complete your Communication and Engagement Strategy.

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