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5 Self-manage

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5 Self-manage

In the world of horse training we talk about the idea of ‘self carriage’.  This is where the horse is able to hold and carry himself with little guidance from the rider.  He knows what’s expected, he has the skills, knowledge and muscle memory to perform in the most majestic way…..to be the best he can be built on his strengths.

As you can see in the picture this differs to that of the donkey who must be pulled and pushed and coerced.  He moves unwillingly towards the goal……and if you weren’t there he wouldn’t move at all.

The rider of the dressage horse is guiding and coaching and showcasing the horse’s greatness.  The children are pushing and pulling and neglecting the dignity of the donkey.

Which manager are you and under which circumstances?  Because as managers we will sometimes be both…………even if we don’t like to think so.


  • Reflect on your management style over the past month.  How many times did you revert to pushing and pulling and coercing?  What was the impact?
  • How many times did you allow, coach and guide your staff?

Grow your team based on education, guidance and respect along with a clear vision that all staff understand and managing people will become a source of satisfaction and ease rather than conflict and frustration.

It’s your choice.


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