6 Improvement project team


6 Improvement project team

6 Improvement project team

Some tensions or issues may be significant enough to warrant the formation of a temporary working group or project team.

The team will have a:

  • Lead  – the person responsible for ensuring the purpose is achieved, that the work and roles are allocated, and that the Team have the resources needed to achieve its purpose.
  • Facilitator – facilitates the meetings so that everyone has equal access and contributes as much as they can (Might also be the Lead but not necessarily)
  • Secretary – arranges the meetings, and records them using the appropriate reporting tool (i.e. A3, improvement project report)

Other roles will be identified depending on the project – e.g. investigator, researcher, Communicator, Policy/standard writer, etc.  It is expected that everyone is the lead of their own role – they will perform their role as best they can, how they decide to and report back on what they achieve.

The downloadable will provide you with guidance for forming your project team.  Things to consider include:

  • Purpose of the project
  • Work to be done
  • Roles needed to complete it (including lead, facilitator, secretary)
  • Accountabilities
  • Meeting schedule
  • Performance indicators
  • Who are its stakeholders?
  • Workplace, review and reporting


Identify who needs to be on your project team (review your stakeholder map).

What roles do you need and who will you allocate them?

Prepare a terms of reference using the downloadable as a guide.

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